Taco Bell All Gone & Turkey Burgers

January 11, 2006

Kashi Good Friends Close Up
Kashi Good Friends, getting friendly with some 2% milk

January 2005 060
Taco Bell all gone isn't nearly as nice as Soup, all gone. Of course, the before was pretty much the same as Taco Bell on New Year's Day.

January 2005 061
Great Turkey Burgers from Trader Joe's and Homemade Oven Fries. Good eats!

January 2005 064
Breyer's ice cream bar for dessert, a bit out of focus.

Happy about Cereal, not so happy about the Tri Tip

January 10, 2006

This Happy about Cereal?
See how happy they look? I want to be that stoked to be eating cereal

The Trip Tip from MC Santa Clara's wanna be URL's BBQ was OK, just not quite cooked

Oreos from Japan
Oreos from Japan closeup
Oreos from abroad with macadamia nuts, excellent!

Soup, all gone
Good Soup, all gone

Mochi Buzz Buzz Monday

January 9, 2006

Decaf Latte, Caffeinated Clif Bar
Decaf Latte, Caffeinated Clif Bar

Togo's Turkey saves the day
Togo's tastes good sometimes

Treat from Hong Kong?
This Green Tea / Red Bean Paste Mochi from Japan really wasn't my thing

Chocolate Moo
Snack time: Chocolate Moo

Mexican Rice Bowls
Mexican Rice Bowls with Black Beans and Yogurt-Tapatio dressing

Crispy Swedish Waffles and Philly Cheesesteaks my way

January 8, 2006
January 2005 038
Crispy Swedish Waffles weren't as good as Gordon's Waffles, but boy were they good!

January 2005 041
Rubio's is really not bad for mall food. Let's get real, am I going to eat at Panda Express?

January 2005 042
Healthy Cheesesteaks. Carmelized onions, lean sirloin beef with worcestershire sauce and a little new york cheddar on a wheat roll. I didn't top Saturday night's Rustic Penne w/ Spicy Sausage & Pomodoro but that was a good quick meal.

January 2005 045
See's dark molasses chips for dessert, a holiday classic for me.

Rustic Penne w/ Spicy Sausage & Pomodoro

January 7, 2006
January 2005 023
A non-unique start to the day just to give us enough calories to get to the bagel shop

January 2005 024
Everything bagel, light cream cheese, tomato & red onion. Don't forget the sale & pepper.

January 2005 030
Robert's Market makes a mean mortadella (that's mortadell if you're a friend of ours) sandwich

Brie & Toast
A little Brie & Toast before dinner

January 2005 037
Rustic Penne w/ Spicy Sausage & Pomodoro. The Prisoner joined us for dinner and I'm so glad she did, now that's red wine.

2003 Napa Valley The Prisoner
The Prisoner, 92 Points by the Wine Spectator that actually tastes like 92 points. Some call this wine Better than Zin.

Panho Villa on a work day and Amici's, too

January 6, 2006
January 2005 016
Typical Breakfast, we'll see if Odwalla can sponsor this effort soon

January 2005 017
Panho Villa Chicken Mole Burrito with some salsa caliente!

January 2005 019
Amici's antipasto salad, yum

January 2005 021
The pizza @ Amici's really is quite good, especially for a chain

January 2005 022
Don't forget dessert, compliments of Breyer's. Rocky Road something.

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