4 cakes & Hot Dogs at Bay Meadows with Neil Diamond

February 3, 2006

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This was a typical breakfast on the go today with my favorite flavor Odwalla Bar, Peanut Crunch. Lunch was excellent, that's slow stewed beef in a Chipotle Sauce from Dot's Taqueria. 2PM Sugar Fix brought to me thanks of Lisa's (21st?) Birthday. That's a lot of cakes! Dinner from Bay Meadows consisted of many Hot Dog's likes this one (all gone). Also noteable at Bay Meadows in San Mateo are the Dollar Hot Dogs during Friday Night Live.

Chicken Coq a Vin from Dot's is a hit

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Febuary 2, 2006

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Left to right that's my usual Breakfast of Kashi Seven in the Morning with Yogurt & a Latte. Followed by lunch of Coq a Vin from Dot's over Pesto Angel Hair, which was thoughtfully garnished with fresh basil and pine nuts. Dinner was a Chicken Shwarma wrap from Ken Zaman in Palo Alto. The host at Ken Zaman is friendly and the food is always really good. Give it a try for Mediterranean Food when you're in the area.

Breakfast @ URL's & Mexican Plantain Chips w/ Hot Sauce

Febuary 1, 2006

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Breakfast @ URL's

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Salad from Dot's

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Lean Beef Burger w/ meat from Trader Joe's

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These are one of the best snack Mexico has to offer. Where oh where can I find Mexican Plantain Chips & Hot Sauce in Norcal?

La Fiesta Muy Bueno

January 31, 2006

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I know, looks just like yesterday's breakfast.

Asian Calzone?
Malaysian Chicken Calzone, pretty good really.

Nachos from La Fiesta in Mountain View
Enchiladas from La Fiesta in Mountain View
January 2005 265
Lisa's Birthday @ La Fiesta in Mountain View, inluding what I call "Enchilada's both ways", one grandma's special, one mole both chicken.

Dot's is Open!

January 30, 2006

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I'm a sucker for Cereal

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This Chicken, Brie and Raspberry Sandwich from Dot's, Yahoo!'s new cafe was really creative and pretty good. I probably didn't need those Onion Rings, but I didn't eat them all. Note the free Tropical Dot's!

Where did my Dinner Pictures go? hmmm.

Bold & Spicy McD's & Homemade Cornmeal Deep Dish Pizza

January 29, 2006

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All of Van's Toaster Waffles are great

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3/5 Bold Rating and 4/5 Spicy Rating, for fast food this was pretty spicy

January 2005 248
Homemade Cornmeal Deep Dish Pizza w/ Salame & Fresh Motz-a-rell (Mozzarella)

Scharffen Berger Factory, Rick & Ann's and Prime Burlingame

January 28, 2006

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Breakfast at the Scharffen Berger Factory in Berkeley, CA

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Brunch at Rick & Ann's including Spicy Turkey Sausage & Eggs

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Prime Burlingame, a House of Prime Rib copy that does an equally nice job without having to drive into the city

Friday Night Cheese Fries & a Pint

January 27, 2006

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Odwalla Bar & a Lattle for Breakfast

Chicken Una Mas Burrito, sans a real picture. You get the idea.

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Cheese Fries and a Pint at Dinnertime

January 2005 194
Reese's for Dessert (which I think I didn't ever get to on Friday night)

Sanguiche & Fish Filet

January 26, 2006

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Kashi "Seven in the Morning" with almonds in milk.

January 2005 189
Hot Italian Chicken "sanguiche" from Togo's

January 2005 191
Cod Fish Filet & Green Beans

Banilla Breakfast & Tomatina Piadine w/ Pork

January 25, 2006

Kashi Grape Nuts, Banilla Yogurt & Almonds
Kashi Grape Nuts, Banilla Yogurt & Almonds, my new favorite fiber-blast.

Tomatina Piadine w/ Pork
Tomatina Piadine w/ Pork

Penne w/ Vegetables Hot from the Pan
Penne w/ Vegetables Hot from the Pan

I'm Good Friends with Tomato Soup

January 24, 2006

Good Friends, Banilla Yogurt, Almonds
Good Friends, Banilla Yogurt, Almonds

In & Out, again?
I must confess that Andy, Leonard & Gordon made me do it and Brian begrudgingly accepted the trip to In & Out. Can't wait for Dot's to open (strangely).

Tomato Soup & Cracked Pepper
Tomato Soup & Cracked Pepper

Bombay Chicken Curry Burrito Chicken Nuggets

January 23, 2006

Good Friends, Almonds & Yogurt
Good Friends, Almonds & Yogurt

Bombay Chicken Curry Burrito, World Wrapps
Bombay Chicken Curry Burrito, World Wrapps

Salad w/ Yogurt Dressing and TJ's Chicken Nuggets
Salad w/ Yogurt Dressing and TJ's Chicken Nuggets

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