Michael Mina 3 ways

January 21, 2006

January 2005 129
The start of my Banilla Yogurt & Kashi Grape Nuts Trend

January 2005 130
Lentil Soup can be really good!

January 2005 134Mina - StarterMina - Starter w/ Lobster Corn DogMina - First Course Foie GrasMina - First Course, ScallopsMina, Second Course, Lamb & TortelloniMina - Dessert Course, Chocolate 6 waysMina, post-dessert tolerate-your-check freebee Bon Bons

Good times and good food at Michael Mina with his 3 courses 3 ways (more like 6 ways or 9 ways!). Beets, Scallops, Pork, Lamb, Kobe Beef, Chocolate & Citrus and Bon Bons too. I highly recommend the 3 source tasting when you go to Mina.

A busy day with just 1-2-3 meals

January 20, 2006

January 2005 125
Breakfast of Champions, typical when I'm running late

January 2005 126
Great Chicken Pesto Sandwich from Prolific Oven

January 2005 128
Pizza Neopolitiano from Strada in Palo Alto, all gone

Chicken Fajitas and the Missing Turkey Burger

January 19, 2006

January 2005 122
Good Friends = Good % of Daily Fiber

January 2005 123
Chicken Fajita's @ Pedro's

Chocolate Milk, All Gone
Chocolate Milk, All Gone

turkey 20burger
Almost identical to the Turkey Burger from Taxi's that I didn't get a shot of.

Tomatina & Anisette Toast (how very Carmella Soprano!)

January 18, 2006

January 2005 118
Not a very wholesome breakfast

Camera didn't fire at Tomatina for my Chicken Piadine, this is when I should have purchased a new battery in retrospect.

January 2005 121
Stuffed Bell Peppers by Hannah

January 2005 119
Just like Grandma used to bake (buy)

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